Nutrition on the go… One-a-Day, V8 Fusion and Smoothie King

Although it may seem like I have forgotten all about my new years resolution to find new ways to cook veggies and get my proper nutrition intake… I haven’t!   I’ve been taking a photography class at the light factory (for my other hobby) and intermediate accounting up at UNCC (for work) – so my window for cooking has been limited.  It makes me realize how things like juggling grad school or being parent could really make cooking healthy a challenge!

So, being realistic – sometimes there are other ways that we need to get in our nutrition if we can’t have a good hearty meal.

Here are some of my newest tactics:

Women’s One-a-Day Vitamin

I got this 250 count bottle at Costco yesterday on-sale (with coupon) for $10!  I bought Kirk a bottle of the Men’s version too.  That is a mere 4 CENTS per pill – and you only have to remember to take it once per day!  How easy is that?  I have found that leaving the bottle next to my OXO cereal container reminds to me to take it with my breakfast.  Otherwise, it can be easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of the morning.

V8 Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry & Strawberry Banana

I’m not sure how long this has been on the market, but I discovered it in my Costco mailer yesterday morning and decided to buy a 24 pack yesterday for $11 bucks (after coupon).  That’s only 45 CENTS per can and you only need one per day.  Not bad, eh?  Luckily they had a sampler station set up so I could try it first.  I was surprised at how good it is!  Because of the V8 brand, I was expecting a tomato base… but it tastes just like Juicy Juice (without the sugary film on your teeth)!  I checked the nutrition facts before purchasing too… only 5% of daily sodium intake and although the sugars are kind of high, they are all natural (none added).   I had one yesterday and again today for an afternoon snack and I am very pleased 🙂  I plan on taking a stock to put in my desk at work and splitting the rest up between my condo and Kirk’s condo!

Smoothie King 20 oz Skinny

With classes from 6-9 two days per week, I’ve had to get creative with eating dinner.  Sometimes I have time to heat something up at work or take a sandwich, but most often I have found myself at the Smoothie King on the first floor of my building.   They now give you the option to make the shake SKINNY, which means they leave out the shot of Turbinado Sugar.  I go with the 20 oz and try to pick one that has protein because it will actually fill me up.  I typically do an add-in of caffeine or multi vitamins to give me energy for the night instead of drinking soda or more coffee.  With my bag of BBQ Pop Chips for snack, it usually ends up being $8-9 bucks.   If you sign up on their website, they’ll send you coupons though 🙂

There are LOTS of ways to get nutrition on the go, these are just some of the tactics I’m currently trying.  If you have more, please share in the comments!

Have a great week!  I’ll write more soon.


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