Bodum French Coffee Press, Nice to Meet You!

As I was walking to the office Friday morning, I decided that I finally wanted to boycott the free coffee machine that I have been using for the past year.  It’s one of those automatic Flavia coffee machines where you can “pick your strength” and the choose a flavor pouch.  While I appreciate the fact that it’s free and the Costa Rica blend tastes pretty darn good, it just doesn’t give me the caffeine punch that I really need to have a more productive & alert day.

I had heard about French Presses for a while and had seen them in stores and in the Starbucks line, but never had a particular reason to buy one…. until now!  SO, before I got to the office I diverted and marched right over to the nearby Starbucks and purchased their 4-Cup Bodum French Coffee Press and a small bag of their Tribute 40 Year Anniversary blend.  To top it all off, they grounds the beans for me on the spot… and made them coarse, which I didn’t even know was required for a French Press.  Thank goodness!  I would have totally botched that.  I immediately made a pot for me and a co-worker to try out and it was heavenly.  Bold flavor and that caffeine punch that I was craving, all brewed at my desk!

*I need to give a shout-out to the hot-water feature of the Flavia machine I am boycotting (coffee feature only..) and note that I am not out of compliance with the small appliance guidelines here at work…which we were just sent a reminder of last week, hah 🙂

My friend Paige has been raving about Coffee Presses for as long as I can remember and I am now thankful that I finally gave it.  There are all sorts of benefits to the Coffee Press that I never thought about before yesterday!  Here they are…

Benefits of a French Coffee Press:

  • Doesn’t use electricity = Green!
  • Its portable!  You can take it anywhere… office, home, vacation, boyfriend/fiances house who doesn’t have a coffee maker (ahem, Kirk)!
  • It tastes like the fresh coffee from Starbuck’s or that little shop near your office….way stronger than an auto-machine like a Keurig or Flavia…
  • It makes coffee more of an experience than just a routine 🙂
  • 21 Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds  You can use the coarse coffee grounds for many things (instead of them being trapped inside a little pouch or pod)!

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