Hi!  If you’re reading this you have stumbled upon my food/kitchen blog 🙂 My name is Liz Ward and I live with my husband Kirk here in Charlotte, NC where we were both born and raised.  Just in case you are interested (and it is totally fine if you are not), here are some things about me and why I write this blog!  I love to cook.  I also really love kitchen gadgets.  Favorites so far?  11-cup food processor, food vac, food scale, splatter screen… I love it all.  I love hosting – I’m pretty sure that it is in my blood on both sides.  There is little better than sitting around the table with my husband, family and friends.  I like trying new things.  I like mastering recipes and maybe even branching out to try new custom versions.  I like googling ingredients and reading at least 5 different versions of a new recipe before I try making it.  Allrecipes.com and food.com are awesome.  But cooksillustrated.com is my staple.  I love how my husband likes to play the role of my sous chef and help me prepare our meals (and clean up afterward).  I also love frozen pizza, chinese take out and eating food other people have prepared.  Sometimes I make the hardest version of a recipe just because I want to.  I’ve learned that I don’t really enjoy making recipes by Martha Stewart because those are always the ones that call for 100 ingredients and they don’t taste any better than ones with 5 ingredients.  But maybe I stopped after only a few recipes of hers and should have kept going.  I record my cooking adventures much less often than I’d actually like to.  And last but not least, this is all about learning!  So I’m always up for advice or lessons learned from anyone 🙂

Happy cooking!!


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